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Anim Assistant

Anim Assistant

This script pack for Maya 2016/2015/2014 will help you to improve your animating productivity in next fields:

— timeline management and navigation for all your animations,
— re-bake of the animation for your modified controllers of the rig,
— rotate your character or object freely around any point and any axis.

You can purchase this script on Gumroad.


Anim Manager.

— Enter and re-arrange items in animation list (animations stored in one timeline),
— Simplest manipulation with the animation list (adding items, deleting, renaming, filtering),
— Fast editing offset in the list,
— Simple export and import of the list,
— Color marking of the items on the timeline (colored key ticks).


— You can build the list of the animated controllers, re-arrange their order in the list for proper hierarchy and record their animation for further usage,
— Animation can be recorded in world or local space,
— You can bake stored animation for your different purposes:

  • bake animation into another rig with similar naming of the controllers (script recognizes namespaces),
  • bake to the original rig after changing their hierarchy of the controllers,
  • bake animation after deleting animation from the root, in that way animation of the child controllers will restored.

Dynamic root.

— You can snap pointer to any object, adjust the rotation of the pointer,
— After picking object you can set “Key” button which will switch rotation pivot of the root system to the new point.


This script pack was tested in 2014, 2015 and 2016 versions of the maya software.
If you encountered with any bugs in earlier versions, please, let me know.

Installation :

Copy this file in your maya scripts folder.
For example – C:\Users\ ***Username*** \Documents\maya\2015-x64\scripts.
Copy one of desired icons (_a – postfix means that icon with transparent background) in your icon folder.
For example – C:\Users\ ***Username*** \Documents\maya\2015-x64\prefs\icons
Open Maya, open the script editor and in a mel tab paste one line :


Select this line and with middle mouse click drag it to your shelf.
Then assign the icon to the script via the shelf editor.

Version updates:

Version 1.2


– Added playblast section!
– Each name selected in Anim manager is a name for the playblast video.
– You can add a prefix and postfix to the name and select desired save path.
– Prefix, postfix and file path will be stored inside each scene individually.
– With the right mouse button menu you can quickly paste the frames of the selected animation to the postfix/prefix fields.
– The main script window now remembered position of the separator which divide anim manager section from re-baker and from dynamic root. So now you need not hide undesirable section each time!

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