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Keyboard fix for Maya

Keyboard fix for Maya

For those who has multi-language layout on Windows (and therefore on the keyboard) this small AutoHotkey script will freeze the english layout while you are working in Maya so all hotkeys will work as expected. It also disable ‘Caps Lock’ button for the same purpose.

One limitation – the script depends on the active window title, so while you are work in floating UI windows revealed by custom scripts you can accidentally change the layout, but in practice it happens very rarely.

Update (13.01.2016):

— ‘Win’ button will be locked while maya window is active.

Download KFix_Maya – .exe-file or .ahk-file

1 Comment

  1. Андрей · 15.04.2016 Reply

    Здравствуйте! Cкрипт блокирует хоткеи с комбинацией Alt+Shift +
    С остальными проблем не заметил.

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