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PlayB script

PlayB script

This is a small script which can change the timeline range faster. All you need is to put your active time in the leftmost or rightmost part of the timeline and click one of the button that appeared near the standart UI playback section. Also it helps to see your animation as if it has a stepped tangents, but this is only a preview, all tangents are untouchable.


  1. Simple click on the ‘Start range’ and the ‘End range’ buttons will adjust time range.
  2. If the current time is equal to the minimum (or maximum) of the current time range it will be changed to the nex inner keyframe.
  3. RMB menu on the ‘Start range’ and the ‘End range’ buttons can change the time range to the first (last) keyframe of the animated object.
  4. ‘Play stepped’ button will play the animation in stepped (preview mode).
  5. RMB menu ‘Play stepped’ button will play the animation in stepped mode from the beginning of the timeline.


1. Put this file into the maya scripts folder:
C:\Users\ **USERNAME** \Documents\maya\ **MAYAVERSION** \scripts

2. Place the icon file ‘playStepsIcon.png’ into the maya icon folder:
C:\Users\ **USERNAME** \Documents\maya\ **MAYAVERSION** \prefs\icons

3. Add the code below into the userSetup.py file that is located in the path:
C:\Users\ **USERNAME** \Documents\maya\ **MAYAVERSION** \scripts ( if it does’t exists, create it )

import maya.cmds as mc
import maya.mel as mel
import maya.utils as mu
import threading

def checkTimeGrid():
    if not mc.formLayout("MainTimeSliderLayout", ex=1 ):
        mel.eval( 'global string $gTimeSliderForm;' )
        mel.eval( '$gTimeSliderForm = "MainTimeSliderLayout";' )
        mel.eval( 'createUIComponentToolBar( "Time Slider", localizedUIComponentLabel("Time Slider"), "global string $gTimeSliderForm; formLayout $gTimeSliderForm;", $gWorkAreaForm, "bottom", false );' )

def loadPBButtons():
    mu.executeDeferred( 'import playB; playB.run()' )

mu.executeDeferred( 'checkTimeGrid()' )
s = threading.Thread( target=loadPBButtons )

Download 'PlayB'

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